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Tutorials - Example of the output developed from the RoofScape program

Once the job has been exported to, the server automatically generates an estimate using the rates defined by you when you logged in and registered as a user.



The report is a standard form which will look something like the attached PDF.

After reviewing the quotation/estimate remember to do a File | Save As so that you can save the pdf file toyour local drive to review or share with others later. The pdf file of the estimate may be printed for despatch or emailed to your customer as an attachment.

That just about wraps up the overview of the modelling and quotation process. There is a lot more to RoofScape than what we have presesnted here. Review the online manuals and practice on as many different roof shapes as you can. You find that there is basically no restriction at all on the roofs you can model and take off.

  • Upgrade Path from RoofScape
  • If you need to get more from the model than is afforded by the RoofScape module, check out the AppliCad website for details of our dedicated products for different roof systems. AppliCad's Sorcerer program for example, will model and roof shape - commercial/residential, steep slope or low slope and extract full and detailed reports of every material item for that roof, plus generate orders, installation documentation and workshop details and of course the client's quotation. It includes material optimistaion routines and a whole bunch of other very clever functions.

    Yes, RoofScape is a great introduction to what the AppliCad products can deliver for your business and once you have learned to operate RoofScape, you have mastered the major functions necessary to run any of the other AppliCad software for roofing.


    These tutorials will get you started - if you have a further question, please drop us a line -

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    For our roofing customers, AppliCad has the most advanced software at a level that suits your business.

    A business doesn't make money costing, quoting, designing, documenting, drawing, scheduling, organising and managing. These things are important, however, you only make money installing the roof. AppliCad will significantly reduce the time spent on non-income-earning administration, and significantly speed up the actual income earning task of suppling and installing roofing.

    Visit the AppliCad web site for more details about the full range of products for modelling roofs, estimating roofing materials.