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Welcome to AppliCad's online roof estimating system, RoofScape - the system that allows you to operate remotely and online. Prepare and access your take-off and quotation from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection - from a client's office or from your truck! The RoofScape software is a result of AppliCad's 'top down' development strategy that delivers the world's most powerful 3D roof modelling tools. It allows you to prepare estimates for any roofing material that can be quantified by area or length.

Add the ability to export roof data to other programs such as AutoCAD, Acculynx orXactware using our DXF, XML or RXF export add-ons. Upgrade at any time to AppliCad's full commercial version, Roof Wizard for material take-off, cutting lists, supplier orders, detailed roof plans, workshop details and user defined proposal templates in MS Word or MS Excel and our new Roof Wizard Read-Only.

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Run your RoofScape software locally, then login here, complete your details, setup material and labour rates, print a roof quotation.

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Use the RoofScape advanced roof modelling software to create your own unique designs - Examples

The most advanced roof modelling tools available in the world today. Model the most complex roof geometry and check the areas and lengths - instantly, automatically.

Submit your design to roofestimating.com to generate a complete estimate ready to deliver to your customer.

Registered members get access to the estimation process for FREE! - for an unlimited number of quotations (bids) based on material and labour items per unit area or by length just like this one
- example report. Try it now, it's FREE!

Learn how to operate RoofScape

Go to AppliCad Academy - Our NEW online self-paced learning system! The first module is free.
You may also visit our YouTube channel for many video clips with tips on how to use the 3D modelling tools of RoofScape.

Use your RoofScape for modelling 3D roof shapes and estimate costs for FREE!

Need more convincing? Benefit from AppliCad RoofScape software in the following ways:

AppliCad already has the most advanced software for roof modelling and roof material estimation. RoofScape is a derivative of these advanced tools and indeed, once you have learned to model in 3D using RoofScape, you have mastered the most important functions that allow you to use any of the other AppliCad advanced roof estimating software products such as the world renowned Sorcerer, Roof Wizard and Roof Magician and the wall cladding estimating software, Warlock.












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