Are your roofing estimates accurate?

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The AppliCad process is based upon the new AppliCad Client/Server roofing software technology. This AppliCad web site is one example of how the Client/ Server technology can work in a corporate situation. If you would like to have RoofScape work for your company, fully integrated with your company's web site, contact the AppliCad Roof Applications Development Centre


The basic premise of is that a roofer with a regular or an occasional need to take-off a roof, in a re-roof situation or from client's plans, does not have to invest heavily in technology. The roofer may use the service as the business needs dictate.

You must follow the steps listed below to ensure the appropriate output:

The service is free. Use of the RoofScape software is also entirely free - install it on as many computers as you wish; use it to train yourself in the use of the latest 3D roof modelling technology; use it to introduce your staff to more accurate methods; share it with your roofing colleagues.

The estimates that are generated from are based on areas and lengths extracted from the 3D model. At some stage in the development of your business, you will need to generate more detailed reports based on the actual materials used; supplier order forms; workshop details; installation layout diagrams and accurate material cutting lists. At that time, you will need the capabilities of our full function professional products - Sorcerer, Roof Wizard or Roof Magician. Visit our companion web site for more detailed product information and our contact details - click this link to go straight to AppliCad (Australia, USA, UK) to learn more about the upgrade path from RoofScape.

How does work?

First you register your details on the secure web site, download the RoofScape application and start modelling roof geometry with the most capablel 3D roof modelling software in the world. Click here for examples of what can be done - examples.

After you have registered, you create your own set of material and labour rates. These rates are stored on our secure server so that all your detailed customer quotations are created using your very own material and labour charge rates. These rates are based on areas and lengths only. The quotation or estimate is your estimate with your details. It is viewed via the web in pdf format and can even be viewed by your customer on the same web site. You can save the pdf for printing later or attach the pdf to an email to send to your customer for review.

It takes just minutes to complete and may then be viewed and/or printed by anyone you give permission to.

True mobility and affordability

The remote licences can be in your office or in the field - anywhere that an internet connection can be made. Once the roof model is completed using RoofScape, the data is exported via the web to the web server and then you're off to the next job. The completed quotation or estimate may be reviewed immediately or at a later stage once the day's work is done.


Process Flow

Log on to


Register your details, download and install RoofScape

The download and use of RoofScape is free. You may load it on as many machines as you need.


Start modelling and estimating

The modelling tools are the most advanced in the world and may take a bit of practice to become familiar with. Once you do become familiar, you can take-off any roof.

The modelling process includes you adding data about the job including job number, install address, install date etc. The online help files will provide a good starting point to understand what to do.

Once a roof is modelled you then have the tools to check that it is correct - an incorrect model gives an incorrect take-off. You will even be able to review the entire geometric summary of the roof - ridge, hip and valley lengths, roof area and roof attic volume. To produce an estimate, export the data to where the roof model is processed with your own rates applied and the quotation/estimate is created as a pdf file for you to review. The pdf file of the quotation/estimate may then be printed or emailed to your customer.

Remember that there is no roof that cannot be modelled with RoofScape - it is indeed true that some roofs are more difficult than others! Persist with understanding how the RoofScape tools work and you will be the master of the most powerful software tool-kit available to roofers anywhere in the world.


The quotation/estimate provides your customer with the details of their job, the cost to deliver and install and a dimensioned picture of their roof. Many quotations may be completed and they are stored on our web server for 90 days. You must remember to print and store them. A date/time/job name tag identifies each of your completed jobs and they will be listed for your review.

All the customer has to do is confirm your install date and pay the deposit so that you can commence work!


The web site and the payments for the service are as secure as modern web technology can make them. AppliCad will not use or share your data for any purpose other than to provide these services to you. AppliCad has been in business for nearly 20 years and our reputation is well known in the roofing community around the world.

Upgrade from RoofScape

RoofScape is the result of the 'top down' development strategy at the AppliCad Roof Applications Development Centre and just the start of what AppliCad has to offer. It is the latest member of a very sophisticated family of products especially developed for the roofing industry. The tools are robust and proven by roofers in 127 countries!

It is expected that you and your customers will demand more from RoofScape over time than it is designed to give. If it is doing the job for you, then you're set. If your services demand more from your roofing software than RoofScape can deliver, consider upgrading to one of AppliCad's other specialised professional programs - Sorcerer, Roof Wizard or Roof Magician.

AppliCad has the most capable software at a level that best suits your business. Programs that produce the complete range of output to assist you to manage the job - various reports are automatically generated including roof plan, material lists, labor cost summary, supplier order forms, workshop details, cutting lists, installation plan, material waste optimisation, panel placement drawings and a whole lot more.

A business doesn't make money costing, quoting, designing, documenting, drawing, scheduling, organising and managing. These things are important, however, you only make money installing the roof. AppliCad will significantly reduce the time spent on non-income-earning administration, and significantly speed up the actual income earning task of suppling and installing roofing.

Visit the AppliCad web site for more details about the full range of products for modelling roofs, estimating roofing materials.